Blessed Mama Natural Products: Empowering Natural Self-Care for All

by Paul  - June 12, 2023

Today, we are thrilled to have Marie, the founder of Blessed Mama Natural Products.

 Blessed Mama is a burgeoning business that specializes in natural self-care products.

In this interview, Marie shares her inspiring journey of how the pandemic unexpectedly opened doors for her entrepreneurial aspirations.

From a simple Mother's Day gift to a thriving line of handmade products,

Marie's story is a testament to the power of following one's passion.

With a focus on natural ingredients and a dedication to simplicity, Blessed Mama aims to bless not only mothers but everyone seeking natural and safe self-care alternatives.

So, let's dive into Marie's journey, her creative process, engaging with her audience, and her favorite products.

A Humble Beginning

Marie's journey as an entrepreneur began during the uncertain times of the pandemic.

 Despite always desiring to be a business owner, she had yet to find the right opportunity. Then, on Mother's Day, three months into the pandemic, Marie sought to ensure that mothers felt remembered and cherished, even with stores closed and limited options for gifting. She decided to make a simple sugar scrub as a gift and went door to door, distributing these heartfelt tokens.

The response she received was overwhelming—a wave of appreciation and gratitude.

Encouraged by the positive feedback, Marie was urged to start selling her creations.

The spark ignited, leading her to launch Blessed Mama Natural Products. 

The name itself holds significant meaning.

Marie wanted a name that represented her purpose and the blessings she aimed to bestow upon others. 

Through brainstorming sessions and consultations with friends, the name "Blessed Mama - Natural Products" emerged.

It perfectly encapsulated her desire to bless mothers and individuals from all walks of life, offering them natural and wholesome products.

Developing the Product Line: A Journey of Simplicity and Education 

As a new business owner, Marie embarked on a journey of self-education and exploration.

 Her primary focus was to keep the product line simple, avoiding complicated and artificial ingredients. 

She researched recipes and ingredients online, delving into the world of natural products.

 Marie's goal was to create items that people could easily understand and read about on the labels.

Starting with the exfoliating sugar scrub, Marie soon realized that a complete beauty regime should include not just exfoliation but also moisturization.

So, she expanded her product line to include complementary moisturizers.

Inspired by her customers' preferences and the benefits of various essential oils, Marie carefully crafted scents that appealed to a wide audience.

She recognized that different scents could evoke different emotions, such as energizing blends with citrus notes and calming ones with lavender.

Aside from skincare products, Marie also ventured into unique offerings like essential dough.

This homemade Play-Doh infused with safe essential oils catered to children and adults alike, providing a soothing and aromatic experience.

By incorporating lavender, she aimed to alleviate anxiety and stress, making it a perfect sensory tool for children and adults in need of relaxation.

Overcoming Challenges: Self-Doubt and Trusting the Journey

Running a small business presented Marie with numerous challenges, especially considering her lack of formal business training.

Self-doubt often crept in, questioning whether her products would find a market.

However, she quickly realized that underestimating oneself is a hurdle that can be overcome.

All it takes is one enthusiastic supporter to ignite the flame of confidence and propel the business forward.

Despite making mistakes and encountering setbacks, Marie emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with the right support network.

Motivational individuals who provide constructive advice and guidance can be instrumental in overcoming challenges.

Marie encouraged embracing constructive criticism while also trusting her own instincts.

 Learning from mistakes and constantly improving the products and the business model became the driving force behind Blessed Mama's growth.

Building and Engaging with the Audience: A Social Media Journey

Marie understood the significance of building a community around her brand.

Social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram, became her primary channels for connecting with her audience.

However, she admitted that embracing technology was initially intimidating.

With perseverance, she familiarized herself with various features, such as creating engaging posts, running promotions, and interacting with followers.

By consistently sharing her journey, behind-the-scenes peeks, and customer testimonials, Marie created an authentic connection with her audience.

She valued transparency and honesty, ensuring her customers felt involved in the brand's growth and decision-making processes.

Marie actively sought feedback and ideas from her community, which further strengthened the bond between Blessed Mama and its supporters.

Marie also leveraged Ottawa Artisans, a local platform supporting small businesses, to promote Blessed Mama's products.

The exposure gained through this collaboration opened doors to more customers and provided valuable networking opportunities.

She emphasized the importance of community over competition, stating that collaborations with other artisans can mutually benefit everyone involved.

Marie's Favorite Products and Their Making Process

Within the Blessed Mama product line, one particular product held a special place in Marie's heart: her natural deodorant.

Marie was passionate about creating an effective and safe alternative to conventional deodorants that often contained harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Marie's passion for the natural deodorant stemmed from her commitment to providing a healthier alternative for her customers.

By using natural ingredients and avoiding harmful chemicals, she aimed to offer a product that not only kept odors at bay but also cared for the delicate underarm skin.

The positive feedback and testimonials she received from customers who experienced the effectiveness of her natural deodorant fueled her passion and reaffirmed her dedication to creating safe and reliable self-care options.

Through her natural deodorant and the rest of the Blessed Mama Natural Products line, Marie continued to empower individuals to prioritize their well-being and embrace the benefits of natural self-care.

Marie's journey with Blessed Mama is an inspiring tale of following one's passion and creating something beautiful from humble beginnings. 

From a simple Mother's Day gift to a thriving line of natural self-care products, Marie's commitment to simplicity, natural ingredients, and blessing mamas resonates with her growing community.

Through overcoming self-doubt and embracing technology to connect with her audience, Marie exemplifies the spirit of a resilient entrepreneur.

As Blessed Mama Natural Products continues to grow, Marie encourages others to find joy in their own entrepreneurial journeys and embrace the power of natural self-care.


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